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Money Saving Tips for Foreign Car Rentals Business

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Traveling to a foreign country can be mind boggling. There is so much to think about and while keeping up with all the new rules, regulations, currency, and the new language can be prove to be frustrating why not simplify it by starting out by renting the car before you even pack the suitcases. You can also take their own car by shipping. And there is no better option than getting affordable car from Japanese car auctions.

Getting Your International Driving Permit

According to IndependentTraveler.com the first step to international travel is finding out whether or not one needs an International driving permit. These permits cost around $15.00 and can be attained by two and only two agencies the American Automobile Association and the American Automobile Touring Alliances. There are many scam artists out there so please be sure to go through your local AAA or one of the listed agencies above to avoid being taken advantage of.

Money Saving Tips

The number one and perhaps easiest way to save money is to book in advance. Rates on the company’s websites or even over the phone are often less than the prices at the rental counter. And because one is already pursuing the rental company’s website just go ahead and do some comparison-shopping. Other rental companies may be offering specials or even have coupons than your first choice. Another easy way to save money is knowing the rental company’s rules and regulations. Some companies begin one’s twenty-four-hour period from the time the car is picked up and so must be returned at that time as well or they will charge one for another twenty-four hour period. So ask to make sure when the drop-off time is. Prior to planning your trip keep in mind when looking through ads and brochures to keep out any ads for car rentals as those coupons can save one lots of money. In today’s times there are always discounts provided by our credit cards or frequent flier miles so make sure to look into those programs before booking your car rental. There are also senior citizen discounts as well as AAA discounts to look into as well. To keep the rental process easy and uncomplicated booking and paying for ones rental car before leaving the United States keeps the language barrier from becoming an issues. This also insures that a safer process from start to finish as there will be no hidden concerns. The last money saving tip from IndependentTraveler.com is to consider renting a manual transmission as those are more easily attained in some foreign countries thus, keeping the costs down.

Why not make traveling a little easier if you can? The simplest ways to do that are to book in advance from the country you live in. Look for discounts on company websites as well as through your credit card companies and frequent flier mile carriers. And do not forget to ask questions ensuring you are up to date with all the rules and regulations before you leave the rental lot.

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